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What you will find at the Mini-Movie-Maker site:

  • How To Start - In this section we have provided some really basic video tutorials to get you on your way.

  • Creating A Slideshow Presentation - Explains in detail with pictures and video, how to make a slide-show presentation Mini-Movie which is probably one of the easiest ways to begin.
  • How To Make An Auto Movie - Let windows Movie Maker Do all the editing for you and sit back and enjoy your creation.
  • Video Tutorials - Inside our site you will find some useful Video Tutorials, suggestions, information, tips and tricks on how to make and personalize your very own creations and to get the most value out of your movie making experience.
  • Extra Help With Editing Using FREE Video Editing Programs - Please go to mini-movie for the most recent information available.

  • How To Edit Home Movies - It's really easy to edit your home movies with Windows Movie Maker. Find out how in the well produced video turorial.
  • How And Where To Publish Your Mini-Movie - Detailed instructions on how to publish your mini-movie and where to find the most popular FREE video sharing sites to publish to, such as YouTube.
  • Mini-Movie Samples - Take a look at a selection of our unique work in our Mini Movies section. Here you'll find clips from various categories including Educational and Promotional Videos and, even Mini Movies that are produced purely for entertainment and fun.
  • Powerful Presentations - are exactly that...powerful! Take a look at how an impressive piece of music can impact on what might be otherwise, quite boring slide-show. With "The Comfort Movie" you will also see how a combination of images, titles, appropriate music and effects can evoke strong emotions in people in a mere 6 minutes.
  • Inspirational Mini-Movies - These are specially designed presentations that tend to impact people into action. At the very least, they will make you think!

  • Great Movies To Watch - A section filled with trailers of the best inspirational and powerfully compelling movies of recent times.

  • Resources To Help You Reach Your Goals - Vision Movies (a mini-movie clip depicting your life as you would like it to be), are our specialty and you will find a section devoted to them.

  • Help With Windows LIVE Movie Maker - The newer versions of Movie Maker come with even better features but also with their own challenges that are easy to overcome with simple instruction. Visit our site for even more video tutorials that are excellent in their own right.

  • How To Fix Problems In Movie Maker - Some tips for how to fix common problems you might find when using Movie Maker.


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