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How To Edit Your Home Movies

What to do with your old home movies:

Do you have digital home movies stored away that never get to see the light of day? Would you like to convert them into an entertaining format that you are proud to show your family and friends? Can you imagine being able to EASILY add titles, transitions and effects that make you feel as if you are a real Hollywood Movie Producer?

You can do all that and more with Windows Movie Maker, reported to be one of the easiest to use video editors on the market, and you probably already have it on your computer and don't even know it. To find out more go to, getting started.

Converting video tape into video files:

For the best beginners guide on How To Convert Videotape Into Video Files.

In this section you will discover how to:
  • edit, view and trim clips
  • add transitions, effects and titles
  • correctly save your movie for playback or, uploading to one of the many free video sharing sites for viewing over the Internet.

Edit your home movies with Windows Movie Maker:

Below you will find an excellent video tutorial that shows you how to edit your simple home movies, trim clips and the correct way to save the file to you computer. Also included is how to upload to a video sharing site such as YouTube, Veoh or Vimeo.

Continued on the Creating Special Effects page.

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