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Special Effects

Movie maker is a superb program for adding all types of special effects - easily. Below you'll find a some excellent tutorials to help you understand how to do it yourself.

Adding titles, effects and transitions:

This is where you get to be the most creative and personalize your movie to suit the mood, the style or the purpose. The video tutorial below shows you an example of each transition, effect and title that is so easy to add to any of your home movies and turn them into something very special.

Titles, transitions, images and audio:

This one I've added as an extra tutorial. It's easy to see how to drag, drop and select video and audio to make it appear just as you would like it to. Also included are instructions on how to add titles on top of a selected clip.

How to save your home movies:

In the Movie Tasks pane under Finish Movie, you can choose to save your home movie to your computer, send it through e-mail, send it to the Web, burn it to a recordable CD, or send it to your digital video camera.

Which ever option you choose, Windows Movie Maker will assist you along the way. For more in formation, go to our Getting Started section and read, Before You Publish Your Mini-Movie.

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