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Getting Started With Movie Maker

What you need:

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Photographs (and/or)
  • Home Movies (and/or)
  • Digital Video Clips (and/or)
  • Images (and/or)
  • Music (and/or)
  • Microphone (optional)

Where to get Windows Movie Maker:

This is a free and great application which is probably already on your computer (for Windows Operating System ), so make sure you check first. If you have Windows Movie Maker 1.9 or 2.0, consider updating to the latest version (2.1), by downloading the XP SP2 Service Pack from Microsoft. Windows Vista has "Windows Movie Maker 6".

Features of Windows Movie Maker:

Most digital video fans would already know that Windows Movie Maker is a feature of Windows XP used for creating and editing home videos and still photographs and images. You can import many different kinds of media to your computer including video from a file, a video camera and a Web Cam. Windows Movie Maker can also import music and audio and record your voice directly from a microphone. You can also use Movie Maker to create dynamic slide show presentations using digital photos and other images, then adding titles, transitions and various creative effects. If you haven't worked with digital video before, this Getting Started section is the perfect place to learn. You can also find a list of Shortcut Keys Here that tend to make your experience more user friendly.

General Instructions:

Before You Publish Your Mini-Movie -

* Play through your movie from start to finish making sure you are happy with it. * Remember to include your contact details or web site address if you would like to be contacted. * Either delete or modify anything that needs to be fixed. * Spell check each title that you have added. Spelling mistakes are not something you want to be remembered for. * Preview the movie again. It's a good idea to do this by enlarging the viewing screen to full size.

Where To Publish Your Mini-Movie -

* Go to the video sharing site of your choice and open an account. It is quick, free and easy to do. * Follow the instructions. * Type in your username and password when prompted. Upload the video/s that you have saved onto your computer. (This may take quite a while depending on the speed of your connection etc) * When it's done, and the site you have uploading to has converted the files, you'll be able to press play to view your mini-movie on that site, get a code to embed it on to your own site and let all your friends know that it's there so they can see it too.

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