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Inspirational Mini-Movies

"The Peace Movie"

Warning: Several of the images may disturb some viewers, but, in just a few minutes, this very inspirational mini-movie will show you how you are already making a difference in the world, and maybe give you some more ideas as well.

Some of the things people are saying:

“How lovely. And how very true! Thanks you for a beautiful movie.” - Happy Peacock (via YouTube)

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"The Solutions Movie"

We all have problems at times…and this mini-clip will help you discover your own solutions!

“I love your visually engaging with the message if we just relax, trust, and be grateful, all will be well.” - Jan St. John (Writer, Producer & Marketing Muse at

“It was a pleasure to promote your movie - it was very well done. Best wishes for more projects like this in the future - they are certainly helping to make the world a better place”. - Gihan Perera (

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 "The Gratitude Movie"

This mini-movie was produced by Daniel Richardson especially for “The Grateful-Chain”. It uses upbeat music, stimulating images and appropriate inspirational quotes relating to gratitude. 


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