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Welcome to a mini-movie making paradise:

If you are interested in making your own mini movies free on your computer or would simply like to see some inspirational, educational or entertaining mini-movie clips - you are at the right place!

It's FREE - It's EASY - It's great FUN - and we'll show you how to do it and get the most value from your movie making experience by using one of the easiest video editors on the market - WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER.

Samples of what you can achieve:

Below you will find two short mini-movies made especially for this website. They only took a few hours to produce from start to finish. Just get all your photographs in one folder ready to import into movie maker and begin your creation.

The first movie shows some of the many effects and transitions you can achieve with Windows Movie Maker, and the other "A Peaceful Journey" demonstrates how easily a powerful piece of music (the loveliest version of ‘Pachebel’s Canon in D’ that I have ever heard), some delightful still photographs, gentle effects and transitions combine together to make a relaxing and intriguing mini-movie...Enjoy!

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