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Video Editing Programs We Recommend

Applications to choose from:

There are several different programs that you could use to make your mini-movies, but the one we recommend using here, is Windows Movie Maker (which is probably already on your computer).

For those who have upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8, the newer versions of Windows LIVE Movie Maker are even easier, quicker and still FREE. Go to the website to find out more and get relevant video tutoirials and fixes for common problems there too.

Why do we recommend using Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is excellent as a video editor and very easy to learn. It’s possibly the simplest and most user-friendly video editor available today.

If you are using another application to make your clips, that's OK. You'll still pick up plenty of useful hints, tips and ideas by checking out what we do.

Then get out your home movies, old photographs or search for images off the internet, grab your favourite music or even a microphone to record your own voice, and you're on your way. Before you know it you’ll be as proud as a Hollywood movie producer.

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