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Slide Show Presentation - part 4

Step 7: Adding Video Effects

By now you will be getting the hang of the various options you have to enhance your project. As you preview your mini-movie, you might like to add even more effects to create a mood or simply add interest. Below is a screenshot of the different types of effects, from adding sepia tone, fading, adding rainbow spectrum effects to aging the movie, making it look like watercolour or even rotating the images. The screen is your playground here.

Step 8: Save And Store and Share Your Mini-Movie

In the Movie Tasks pane under Finish Movie, you can choose to save your min-movie to your computer, send it through e-mail, send it to the Web, burn it to a recordable CD, or send it to your digital video camera.

Which ever option you choose, Windows Movie Maker will assist you along the way. For more in formation, go to our Getting Started section at Before You Publish Your Mini-Movie

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