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A video sharing site is where you can upload your videos and share them over the internet with family and friends or have them viewable by the world audience.

You have control over who sees your videos. Most of these sites provide an embed code so you can put them on your blog or website (just as we have done on our pages) or you may use the link to display in your e-mails etc.

A list of free video sharing sites to choose from:

Below is a list of some of the best and most popular video sharing sites and we will keep adding to this list, so check back again to find out more.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is from 2007 so it's a bit outdated. Please go to our sister site for more up to date information on absolutely everything.

Google Video - This easy-to-use video sharing site (because it's owned by Google), is recommended to help get traffic via search traffic on  It is simple, well organized, and has a huge database of various videos from different categories like comedy, animation, music videos, TV shows, and sports.  Look to these different niches and upload your video with related keywords to attract traffic.

YouTube - Also owned by Google, is the most popular video sharing website in the world. Its enormous database attracts millions of visitors everyday and sharing videos is easy. If you upload your content to only one web site, it should be YouTube.  Videos may be rated and comments on each video is encouraged. Only one disadvantage is that, they choose the thumbnail that displays your video to the world and it usually is the one right in the center of your movie...let's hope it is a nice one.

Veoh - Veoh offers free downloads of all videos posted. There is a section for music videos. is not that special from other video-sharing platforms, but it offers the chance to get the VeohPlayer, so users can download videos from thousands websites and watch them at anytime. They also offer a service where you can upload each video once through them and then select the option to syndicate to YouTube, Google and MySpace all in one easy action. Their video quality and skin appears to be more attractive than others (though it's always a matter of personal taste) and they also give you an option where you can choose from a variety of thumbnails to be the main display for your clip.

Brightcove - Brightcove is a nice looking video sharing site that is easy to use and has one useful advantage, where you have a choice of selecting any thumbnail you like to display on the front of your movie. I am a big fan of their quality and they provide a nice skin for the player. As far as traffic to the site, I'll have to let you know when I do some more testing.

ClipShack - ClipShack is a video-sharing site that looks a lot like YouTube. Not as much popular as YouTube but with the same feedback options. Users can post videos, restrict the videos to a select group, post videos to their blogs, and lastly, have access to Google Maps so that you can map your content and search by location.

MySpace - Videos uploaded to MySpace may be shared and posted to MySpace profiles other than your own, so take advantage of this by uploading your content and letting your circle of friends know.  The majority of people on MySpace are not using video and it tends to attract a younger audience.

Blip - A great site for video bloggers, users can set up your own "blog" quickly and drive traffic to it by posting videos from several different categories.  Because of this, your video needs to be here.

AOL Video - The video section from contains a large variety of videos from both commercial and non-commercial providers.  Very easy to use, due to the simplicity of its design and strong search options, AOL Video easily allows users to find the latest news about their your favorite musicians and bands.

Revver - A video-sharing platform built and committed to the artist, Revver has the best sound and video quality of any video sharing site on this list.

Vimeo - Another free and easy service for sharing videos with friends and family. Recently launched, this website unfortunately does not bring anything new to the table.  Still, as part of a complete promotion, it's a good idea that you post your video here.

MetaCafe - Metacafe is another popular media and video sharing community. Unlike other major video-sharing platforms, Metacafe offers a desktop application, mainly targeted at users who are downloading several videos per week.

Daily Motion - Nothing special here, but worth noting. The videos are sorted in groups, which make it easy to browse and find what you are looking for.  Simple by design, Daily Motion contains a numerous variety of videos, from music videos, to non-entertainment topics such as science & technology.

EyeSpot - This is not your average video sharing website. Besides a variety of videos EyeSpot offers its users the chance to play with copyrighted media, without having to download elaborate software or learn new skills. This platform will allows you to edit, mix, and remix your favorite videos, photos or music.

Grouper - Dedicated to video-sharing, this website is devoted to three things: watching, creating, and sharing.  Just like all the other sites on this list...

JumpCut - Another video-sharing platform that allows you to edit and mix your videos. You can easily upload your videos, photos, and audios, but what’s more interesting is that you can make your own "movie" with Jumpcut editor.

VideoEgg - With a variety of video formats, VideoEgg contains a section where you can easily blog or share your Flash videos. VideoEgg currently has almost 20 million unique viewers each month.

BuzzNet - Primarily for music videos, BuzzNet also gives users access to the latest news in the world of music.

Vmix - This attractive, easy-to-navigate site has several options which are great for promoting independent music.  If you like to create your own slide shows, you can get an easy-to-use creator, Photo Jockey 180. Uploading videos is very intuitive, as well.

Blinkx - Blinkx is a video search engine which allows users across the world to search through the entire Web for the videos they want. Users can also browse through a large variety of categories like world news, entertainment, business, sport, and user generated videos.

vSocial - vSocial enables content owners, site operators, and online marketing organizations to custom brand, target, virally distribute and monetize their message via video.

BigContact - This is a publishing and promotion platform where users may publish audio and video podcasts, customizable streaming mp3 and video sites, news feeds, shareable streaming radio channels, and more.  A free FeedPlayer is available to download which can play, share, and promote podcasts immediately.

Fliqz - A fairly new one you might like to try.

Viddler - Upload and share your videos, embed them into your blog or website just like most of the others but with a function where you can record directly to the website by using your web cam. The facility to tag specific moments within a video enables you to post comments relating to that particular moment.

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